Wednesday, February 29, 2012

More Secrets

Whoa! What change in the universe had made this happen?

I’ve been tagged again. Thanks, Theresa. If you don’t know her, I suggest checking out her blog. Her novel, NO ANGEL, is a Whitney Award finalist. Here’s the fantastic questions she’s given to me, and my answers:

1. You're on a deserted island for six months with one person ~ who would it be and why? My wife. What a vacation!

2. You were caught in a meteor shower which left you with strange abilities. Now every time you eat chocolate, you can ... what? Hmm. Every time I eat chocolate, I can turn anything I touch into chocolate.

3. A friend takes you to an abandoned castle that has been hidden for centuries. She heard a rumor that great treasure was hidden in the sixth tower. Would you venture inside or turn it over to the authorities to investigate? What would you find? This is easy. I actually explored an abandoned castle while in France. Great adventure. If I find the pictures, I’ll post them. I’d go into the castle without thinking twice and would hope to find an old suit of armor.

4. You can only drink one type of beverage for the next year - what would it be and why? Orange juice. I LOVE orange juice.

5. Have you ever had to face a fear of yours? What was it and how did you overcome it, if you did? Since I was little, I’ve had an intense fear of skunks. Long story. One night as a teenager, I came face to face with a skunk. Screamed and ran away—thank goodness I was a sprinter. I’m still afraid of skunks.

6. Have you enjoyed certain ages in your life more than others? What is your ideal age and why? Nineteen. I was living in Paris and serving an LDS Mission. Ahh, good times.

7. Has anyone totally amazed you in life? Who and why? I’m amazed by anyone who overcomes a challenge to be successful. Helen Keller tops that list.

8. Have you ever written in a character in a story patterned after a real person ~ out of spite, because that person ticked you off? Not out of spite, but more for fun. A coworker annoyed me one day, so I told her I would burn her at the stake. My current WIP has that scene and it’s awesome! Now you can’t wait for it, can you?

9. Do any of your characters make you totally crazy because they have a mind of their own and take you places you hadn't planned on? I write in the first person of a woman. Ask me why—because I don’t know how that happened. Trying to keep her character doing the things that I want is a huge challenge. I want my character to react like a guy would, but she won’t listen! Grrr…

10. What is your most favorite phrase/paragraph that you have written? Can you share it? This changed my writing life and style:

Leila rolled onto her stomach and leaned on her elbows, propping her chin with her palms. “What is it like to be in love?”
I grinned at her curiosity and stretched my arms straight. “It’s like dancing barefoot in the meadow under moonlight,” I told her. “Love tickles your toes and then climbs to your heart.” I rolled on the grass. “It spirals toward your fingertips as you spin and spin. Then it reaches up to the moon, grabs its rays, and pulls them down like a warm blanket.”

11. If you could sit down and talk shop with any writer from any time period - who would it be and why? I’d like to spend some time with Victor Hugo. His style, in the original French, has always been an inspiration to me.

These have been fun. I'll think about new questions and tag some new people in an upcoming post.

~ Jamie


  1. Thanks for sharing more nuggets about you. It would be super wonderful to see those abandoned castle pictures.

    1. I'll dig for them. The castle had a mote and everything. It will be fun to see how young I looked too.

  2. Some really interesting answers there - and really - who WOULDN'T go exploring?

  3. That castle wasn't Pierrefonds was it?

    Ahhh, France.


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