Thursday, February 23, 2012

Did You Know?

I’ve been tagged by TraciKensworth and given 11 questions to answer. I’m happy to oblige.

1.      Daymare or Nightmare?
Nightmare. My dreams are so vivid that it’s hard for me to know if something is a memory, or if I dreamt it. When they’re scary, I wake up screaming.

2.      How many books/short stories/poems/songs etc. have you written?
I’ve written 3 novels—I’m working on my 4th, 3 or 4 short stories, and hundreds of poems. No songs.

3.      What genre is your current wip?

4.      Do you have someone in your live who keeps you on track with your stories? Give them a shout out!
My wife keeps me motivated. Thank you!

5.      Do you write what you know, or stretch your imagination, or both?
I make up everything I write.

6.      Who would you like to see on a coin/money?
Harry Potter money would be cool.

7.      What’s your favorite place to write and why?
On my bed. I have a fantastic view of the mountain peaks from there, and catch full moons and sunrises. It’s full of inspiration.

8.      What would you describe your “Voice” like? I.E. Southern gothic…
Western European.

9.      Do you mix genres? Which ones?
Yes. I mix Fantasy, Romance, and YA. It’s made my story tough to categorize and sell to agents. I’m gambling with the combination and break a lot of rules for each genre. Hopefully, it will work out. We’ll see.

10.  If you could move anywhere in the world where would it be?
The black forest in Germany. It’s beautiful there.

11.  What book (craft or otherwise) have you learned the most from?
I keep The Elements of Style by Strunk and White with me while I self edit.

There you go. 11 things I never told you before. I’m supposed to tag someone else; however, I’m declining. Instead, I’ll give you a secret: Tomorrow, I plan on sharing a small excerpt from ON FALLEN WINGS here on my blog. See you then!

~ Jamie

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