Monday, March 21, 2011

The Nature of my Stories

The words of Wilson Rawls captivated me when I was a child, especially one brief passage about a fairy ring.

A few years ago, I found a fairy ring; perhaps it found me.
Only days after moving into our current home, I saw something on the front lawn. Tiny mushrooms forming a circle. I didn’t jump up and down and exclaim that I had solved the meaning of the universe, but I was fascinated. A Fairy Ring. Immediately, the words I had read years earlier repeated inside of me. I took a photo with my phone and captured the memory of the moment. Then I looked around, discreetly stepped inside the circle, and made a wish.

A year later, while plotting my first novel, I discovered that some of the characters were flat. In fact, I hated them. If the author doesn’t like what is written, then certainly the reader never would. I tried changing their descriptions, their names, even imagining different voices to make them unique. Still, they were boring. Then I remembered my little fairy ring. Perfect.

I studied fairies—their history, the myths, and writings about them. I quickly realized that my own mental images differed completely from everything I found. There was nothing close and that wasn’t a bad thing. I wanted my creation to be unique.

So, I’ve kept the FAERIES, using the old world name to more accurately match the characters involved. Characters that I love. With a different edge and a remake of history, I’m trying to share their stories in a way that takes the reader to a place they’ve never been.

What about you? Is there something in nature that inspires your creativity? What are your thoughts of Faeries?


  1. I am so excited...faeries have always fascinated me and their images just transport me to a whimsical place that is unknown and yet euphoric. I can't wait for your novel...

  2. I got a beautifully drawn book on faeries wehn I was younger. It's always sparked my imagination - I'm going to dig it out now! :)

  3. That's cool, Jamie! I can say for sure that nature is DEFINITELY where I find my inspiration. From my photography I post every morning on my Facebook page, to my nature-themed essays, to my novels-in-progress that ALWAYS somehow find a way to use really great nature scenes to get my readers in the mood (hopefully, haha). NATURE ROCKS! :)

    Sorry to admit I don't know much about faeries. But now I know someone who does! :)

  4. Wonderful thoughts. It's amazing how much beauty is around us and I'm happy to join you all in sharing it.

  5. Nature inspires me every day. Whenever I feel a little out of it I go sit outside for a while (even in the ungodsly heat here) and just let it wash over me :)

    I like my fairies a little tricksie, but the Faye in my book have turned out to be very somber. Kind of funny how that works out :P


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