Monday, March 28, 2011

Care about your Characters

When I read, I want to know the characters in the story.
If I don’t care about them, then I’m not concerned about what happens, regardless of how tragic or exciting the plot is. Conflict is necessary, but it’s the gripping characters and their reactions to conflict that, for me, create a story worth following. Often, the author has drawn me in with a person that reminds me of myself. Other times, I’m compelled by the bravery of the protagonist. Even more, some characters are simply intriguing and I can’t turn away.

When I started this blog, I didn’t know what to expect. There are so many great sources of writing information out there, I felt like I had nothing new to offer, save a story. The story is what I love. Until recently, I had been living a writer’s life inside a deep hole, scribbling my musings in solitary darkness, hiding them in fear. Except for my wife, children, and a few co-workers, no one knew I was writing. Then I pressed the publish button on the screen and started meeting you. Since my first post, I’ve discovered online friends and acquaintances that make this story so interesting, that I can’t turn away.


To celebrate you all, I’m giving away one $15 gift card to  I’ll use to generate the winner.

Here are the rules:
To enter, simply comment on this post using the format listed below. That’s easy!

Want additional entries?
  1. Using your creativity, mention this contest online for one additional entry. Please provide a link in your comments so that everyone can follow what you’ve mentioned.
  2. As an appreciation to my blog followers, each follower will receive one additional entry with their comment.
  3. Selling a book through Mention it for another entry. Give us a brief blurb about your book.
That’s it. One random commenter will win the gift card!

To recap:
  • 1 entry for commenting
  • 1 additional entry for sharing the contest online.
  • 1 additional entry for following the blog.
  • 1 additional entry for mentioning the book you sell through
How do characters relate to this contest?
I want you to name your favorite character from a book.

So, here's the format.
  • Your name:
  • Your favorite character’s name:
  • Did you tweet/post this contest? Give us the link to your creative online sharing.
  • Are you following the blog?
  • The name of your book available through and a brief blurb. One book only, please.

Just a few minor points. There’s no need to list your email address with your post. Once the winner is selected, I’ll provide instructions for that person to claim their prize. Also, the gift card will be emailed. Unfortunately, the contest cannot accommodate anyone outside of the US—I’m sorry. Finally, one comment per person.

The contest will end at 11:59 pm Mountain Time on April 3, 2011. I’ll announce the winner on April 4th. Good Luck!


  1. I've decided to respond to my own post, since I failed to tell you who my favorite character is. Nathaniel Hawkeye, also known as Longrifle. The book: Last of the Mohicans. The reason: If only I could be that brave.

  2. Shawna Railey
    My favorite character is Richard III...I have a bit of a crush I'm afraid.
    I tweeted this contest and will do so again :)And I of course follow the blog!

  3. That was easy. Shawna, you're the winner! DM me on twitter the email address you would like the gift card sent to. Thank you.


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