Friday, July 22, 2016

Ten Random Facts

I've decided that my shiny new YA Thriller needs an entry into #PitchWars, so I thought I’d re-introduce myself and share ten random facts about me. If you'd like to know about other authors who will also be participating, you can find their bios in this post. For those who are new to my blog, welcome. Dig around because there's plenty to discover. 

1.      I love movies. All of our kids and pets are named after main characters from the following movies:
·         Beetlejuice
·         Last of the Mohicans
·         Lord of the Rings
·         Return of the Jedi
·         Sabrina
·         X-Men

2.      My last Five Netflix watches are:
·         Friday Night Lights (the series)
·         Kingpin
·         Zoolander
·         The Pursuit of Happiness
·         50 First Dates

3.      I met my wife while I was dating her sister. She thought I was a dork.

4.      My wife and I celebrated 20 years of marriage this past June. She still thinks I’m a dork.

5.      I love thunderstorms and sailing, but not at the same time.

6.      I served two years in France as a church missionary. I lived in Chartres, Corbeil-Essonnes, Paris, and Troyes.

7.      I decided I wanted to write at age 15 after a tragic canoeing accident on the Snake River.

8.      I was once followed into a restroom by a man who thought I was Tom Hanks and wanted an autograph. (I don’t look anything like Tom Hanks)

9.      I’m currently reading Don’t Look Back by Jennifer Armentrout.

10.  I’m super shy unless you put me in front of a microphone. Then I’ll talk your ear off.

There you have it. Ten things you didn't know about me. I’m pleased to meet you. Oh yeah, my book is about a guy who gets buried alive by his girlfriend. I love thrillers and I'm scared of getting buried alive, so I figured this would be a great project. And it has been a blast! It has reminded me how much I love storytelling and has pushed me to improve my writing. I hope, I really hope that I can get this book fine tuned enough to entice a publisher because there are so many fantastic elements inside and I believe that people could really get into this. 

Happy Reading.

 ~ Jamie


  1. Nice to meet you Jamie! What is your shiny new YA about?
    Good luck in the #Pitchwars!

    1. Good to meet you. Thank you. My book is about a guy who discovers he's been buried alive by his girlfriend.


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