Wednesday, May 1, 2013

10 Things NOT to do at Storymakers

Next week is Storymakers! I know, I know, this is my second post about it in a week. I’m excited. Can you tell?
I’ve been preparing for the conference by painting my car windows and ironing my socks and such. Just kidding. I'm a procrastinator. I still haven’t printed my pages for bootcamp. I have, however, been thinking about all the good times in store. I love going to writers conferences and can't wait to interact with everyone.
In honor of the event, I thought I’d throw a little bit of fun your direction. It's strange and goofy and off the wall, but it's me. Here are ten things not to do at Storymakers:

  1. Wear a cape and a mask and dart from corner to corner.
  2. Put windshield repair flyers on all the cars in the parking lot.
  3. Introduce yourself using an opera voice.
  4. Wear a pair of puppy hand puppets and have conversations back and forth.
  5. Yell “Amen! I believe.” after every speaker.
  6. Randomly pick a person and loudly announce to the conference that it’s their birthday.
  7. Whistle the Andy Griffith theme song nonstop between classes.
  8. Spray Lysol everywhere without an explanation.
  9. Constantly laugh like that little guy in Jabba’s palace.
  10. Raise your hand to answer a question, then share a story from your mission.

I promise: I will not do any of these at Storymakers! See you there.


  1. LOL. I'd love if you did these things. They would make me laugh. Hope to see you there.

    1. I'm leaning toward the whistling, but don't think I'm brave enough. :) See you there!

  2. I'm seriously thinking about the whistling, but may lean toward the opening song from Disney's Robin Hood - the fox one.

    1. Now that one is allowed. It's a great little tune (that I think will be stuck in my head all morning!) :)


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