Saturday, April 6, 2013


This week, I gave a copy of my secret zombie novel to a beta reader. She loved it. Then she asked, "are you really going to end it that way?" My initial response was, "well, of course. That was always the plan." The more I think about it, though, the more doubt creeps in about my idea to end the book. It's not what happens at the end that bothers me, it's the approach.

Every book is different, and every denouement has to be handled in its own way; however, there are common elements that readers expect at the the end of a story. I understand that. Or do I?

After the feedback, I looked at my ending and came up with a handful of questions that remained unanswered from the story. Part of me wants them to remain unanswered, leaving room for a sequel; the rest of me knows that I can't get away with it. I need to wrap things up better.

Here's my question for you: How do you prefer your ending? Do you like cliffhangers? Do you prefer a chapter of resolution, or a few sentences to tie things up? Do you like it when the characters spell out everything from the story to put the pieces together, or do you enjoy being trusted to do that yourself? I appreciate any and all feedback about this. It's definitely critical to this story. Thanks.

~ Jamie

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