Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Ever been so wrapped up in a project that it overtakes every part of you? Yeah, me too. The past two nights I've been working on a scene that I first plotted a couple years ago. I had always wanted it to be a little dark, and a lot scary, but had never expected the result. I freaked myself out!
This wasn't an issue of little spine tingles or a feeling of foreboding, this was downright scary for me. I had to stop at one point and ask one of my kids to come sit by me, then when I went to bed I was worried about nightmares. Yeah, I'm a wimp. Thinking about it a couple days later, I probably worked myself up for no reason. I'm sure when I go back and re-read the chapter I'll realize that it's all silly. But still, that was quite an experience.
I'm the type of writer who dives into the emotion of the scenes I write. I want to see what the character sees. I want to feel what the character feels. It's the only way that I think I can effectively transfer the feelings I intend to convey. Hopefully it works.
Sometime down the road while reading one of my books, if you come upon a scene that scares you, know that it scared me too!

Happy Reading.

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