Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Where in the...

Yes, I'm here. It's that time of year when my life gets super crazy and there's not much time for anything else. Even my family has to make appointments to spend time together. Anyway, I won't be posting much until the new year, but want everyone to know that my mind is as creative as ever. I've got plenty of great book ideas cruising around in my head and lots and lots of good stuff for revisions that I've been picking at during these past several weeks. Next year will definitely be exciting for new projects and super fun announcements. Until then, happy holidays.



  1. Hey, Jamie. Life happens, especially this time of year.

  2. Being a teacher, and having a very small family, I actually have quite bit of spare time during the holidays. So, I am doing some less-than-subtle networking.

    But, this is the first non-traveling themed website I've found so far this morning. When you are back in the blogosphere (although with five kids, I'm not sure how you find time to breath) I hope you can pop in on my blog:


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