Monday, September 17, 2012

The Little Things Make Me Smile

I love this season. Cold nights sneak through open windows, brilliant leaves color the mountain landscape, and never-ending lines of birds plot courses to warmer places to announce that the world is ready to sleep for a while. It’s been a busy summer; I’ve played hard and have worked hard. I finished one book, wrote another, and sent a third to the editor’s desk. I camped and swam and ate more than my share of picnic lunches. The time has come for new challenges and fresh opportunities. While the nights grow longer and the days wear thin, I wish that this time of year could last forever. I want it to last forever. Another reason: a tiny piece of heaven called candy corn. I love candy corn—almost as much as I love this season. I’m a simple guy with simple tastes, and it’s the little things in life that make me smile. Here’s to a great week and a wonderful season.

~ Jamie


  1. Your post is like a cool fall breeze!
    Can I have some of that candy corn, please? I like the ones with chocolate on them too!
    My porch and yard is covered in pecans. Can't wait to start cracking them, sitting around the fire pit!

  2. Laura, help yourself to some virtual candy corn. Yep, fall is th best. We're itchin' for a cold night when we can break out our fire pit, too. Enjoy.

  3. Fall is nice, but it means summer is almost gone. :( On the other hand, spring is almost here! :) I won't break out the seeds for a few months yet, though.


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