Monday, August 13, 2012

"What If?" Fairytale Madness Blogfest

I'm participating in the "What if?" Fairytale Madness Blogfest hosted by Morgan Shamy. It's been a while since I've written flash fiction, so I thought this would be a fun break from my novels. There are several categories and the hosts are offering prizes!

  • Best Plot Twist
  • Best Love Story
  • Best Tragedy
  • Best Comic Relief

I chose to enter the Plot Twist category, imagining if my story took place today, how would Cinderella really act? I'm limited to 300 words, so here it is:

“But you shall go, my darling,” said the old woman, “or I am not queen of the faeries or your Godmother.”
Cinderella had heard her father talk of her godmother, and tell her that she was one of those good faeries who protect children. “Where have you been?” she asked, wiping her eyes.
“I have been close. And I am here now. Let us prepare you for the ball.”
Cinderella’s face flushed. “I asked where you have been. While I’ve lived this horrible life, trapped with my step-mother and evil step-sisters, where were you?”
The old woman raised her wand and touched Cinderella gently on the shoulder. “Go, my dear, fetch me a pumpkin from the garden.”
“A pumpkin!” Cinderella’s misery quickly turned to anger. “My father told me you would protect me, and now you wish me to fetch a pumpkin?”
“You must have a coach much handsomer than your sisters,” insisted the woman. “Do not fret; I have come to help you.”
The long wished evening had changed into a nightmare. Cinderella thought of nothing that this woman could do for her. A pumpkin indeed. For a carriage? Next the old woman might ask for rats to become horseman. Cinderella dropped to her knees and buried her face into her palms. “I want you to leave,” she said. “You have brought me nothing but nonsense.”
“But I’m your faery godmother,” said the woman. “With a dash of magic and a pinch of luck, we’ll make you the woman worthy of the king’s son. But we must hurry, for we only have until midnight.”
“Midnight? Why?”
“That’s when the magic will wear off, darling.”
Cinderella was so angry that she shoved the old woman in front of her and rushed her out of the door. “Midnight indeed," she muttered.

Happy reading.
~ Jamie


  1. LOL! "Next the old woman might ask for rats to become horseman." <---Totally laughing.

    I loved the old English dialogue, but with a modern day attitude! Really fun! :D

  2. I never really thought Cinderella could be mad at the Fairy Godmother for not doing something before. The Fairy Godmother put her foot in it when she said she'd been close all along. That's an excellent plot twist!

  3. Sounds like typical teenagers today. At least she learned that getting one magical night isn't all there is to life :) Great twist!

  4. HA! Totally brilliant! Yes, I can definitely see this happening. The godmother must have taken too many happy pills! :)

    Great entry!

  5. Sensible Cinderella has some gumption to her. Nice choice, and realistic characters. Lovely writing. :)

  6. Hi everyone. Thanks for the great comments. I'm currently at my "other" job, so I haven't been able to get around to see your posts. Rest assured, I'll get there. I LOVE blog hops like this--they're a great way to meet other writers and get a feel for their writing style.

  7. I can kind of understand her disgust with the fairy godmother. Where was she all those other years? Good twist!

  8. Fun. Meanwhile the handsome prince has one of the evil stepsisters arrested for stepping on his shoes and the royal guard, disgusted by his master's antics, walks down into the city looking for his true love...

  9. Now that is a typical teenager! Way to go!

  10. Great twist and very legitimate questions from Cinderella!
    A2Z Mommy and What’s In Between

  11. Lol, love this twist! She sounds very believable, and so logical! Nice.

  12. A truly excellent plot twist. Great storytelling, Roland

  13. Yeah, that sounds pretty spot on! Great twist.

  14. Ha, that's definitely how Cinderella would have realistically reacted. Then she would have had the faery godmother committed!

  15. Nice contemporary. A twist indeed. Thanks for reading My Entry by the way.

  16. I never thought about it this way. Great work! I agree with A. J. Bennett's comment ^ about teenagers haha.

  17. Oh, that Cinderella. She's quite the skeptic, isn't she? :)

  18. Nice article, thanks for sharing.

  19. I can see how she would be sceptical. Nicely done!

  20. haha, I always thought the same thing... why is cinderella buying into this fooey so easily? Lol. Great twist :)

  21. What an ungrateful little wretch is Cinderella!


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