Monday, June 4, 2012

What I Want

Until today, I have never been angry about the publishing process. No rejection letter ever made me frustrated. Critiques never caused my blood to boil. I haven't cried though my laptop has been dead for 2 months. Even the 1 1/2 month delay to  release ON FALLEN WINGS didn't make me mad. What makes me more than angry is that I don't get what I want.

What do I want? I want to offer ON FALLEN WINGS on every electronic device. I want it easily accessible--no tricky steps to add to an e-reader from some obscure website most people haven't heard of. I want to offer my book for free at times, not all the time, but as often as I want. I don't get what I want.

After a 2 weeks of trying to work out an easy process for distribution to all e-readers, applying the goals listed above, I've given up. For now, I'm returning to publishing exclusively with Amazon. Honestly, I'm pissed about it (sorry about the language.) Don't get me wrong, I've enjoyed the Amazon experience. Their services and website are great. But I want nook owners to have a copy. Own a Sony E-reader? I want you to get my book. Use Ibooks? I'd love for you to be able to download directly from there.

**screams and yells at Smashwords**more screams, this time directed at Sony**more yells**tosses a virtual book at Barnes and Noble**uses a made up curse and stomps feet like a toddler**cancels online order for IPad**sighs**

If you have an e-reader that doesn't support kindle, simply send a kindly worded request to onfallenwings at gmail dot com. Tell me the device you use and I'll send you the file--free. I'm sorry, that's the best I can do right now. And don't worry about me. With a box of chocolates and some Dr. Pepper, I'll get over my frustration. I've read ON FALLEN WINGS and think you should get the chance, too.

~ Jamie


  1. Wow. So sorry this has happened. Self-publishing can be an interesting experience, from what I've read. I just noticed Bonnie Rae mentioned, at her blog, that she's dealing with conversion issues with her novel, Nether Bound. But it seems she found and shared a fix for that. Hoping that whatever you're encountering is something that can be addressed so you can make On Fallen Wings available in more formats.

  2. I'm sorry to say that I am absolutely no help in this department. :( *offers more chocolate*

  3. I've heard Smashwords is the easiest to format for, unless the issue is not getting accepted into their premium catalog and/or not showing up quick enough on the other outlets. Don't know what to say about that besides "keep trying and keep waiting".

    Most people I hear from say to upload directly to B&N like you would for Amazon. You get more that way anyway. Unless there's something else going on here conversion wise. I'm kinda surprised you got through Amazon so well since I hear that's the hardest to format for.

    Good luck!


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