Monday, November 28, 2011

Who Would You Have Been…Once Upon A Time?

I don’t watch much television, but recently discovered a new show on ABC called “Once Upon A Time.” Without telling you everything about it, I’ll just say that there’s this cool little town in Maine filled with people who were once fairy tale characters. Everyone still has the traits of their former fairy tale persona, but no one remembers that life. With story based on existing fairy tales, you would think that every episode would be unpredictable. Well, they’re not. That’s what makes it fun for me to watch.

I was thinking. If that really happened—if the world we know was once a fairy tale—which character would I have been? Based on the person I am today, which character do I match in personality?
I think I’m like Aladdin. I know, he’s not really part of the traditional fairy tale character cast, but I’m like him in many ways. I can relate to the kid. So, that’s who I would have been.

What about you? Which fairy tale character would you have been? Who would you want to be?


  1. I would have to say that I'd be Belle from Beauty and the Beast. I wish I could say it's for the beauty but - ahem - I'm a it would be more for the way she maintained her identity, accepted being unique and not fitting into preset expectations of her provincial life and for having enough open mind to find beauty in the least expected places.

  2. Awesome, Angela. Belle is a great character--one of my favorites!


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