Monday, October 31, 2011

Back to the Beginning

Many years ago, it's been too long since, I crawled out of the Snake River and decided I would write my story.
Then something happened. Like the violent rapids I had just escaped, life pulled me downstream and kept me from grasping my dream. I wanted to write. I could see the images in my head and plotted a way to eventually allow them an escape. Eventually is an evil word. I hate it. Eventually turned to tomorrow, and then to next week, and then to next year. Every day, the stories inside begged me to release them, but I kept telling them that the moment wasn't right, that eventually, I would find the time. That was 1989.
So, what has happened between then and now? Well, that's all back story.

My Novel is Finished.
I finished my novel, On Fallen Wings, a couple months ago. It's not my first book, in fact, it wasn't supposed to happen. While completing an edit on another book, I wrote a page of words about the sister of a main character. They were wonderful, the best words I have placed with keystrokes. Suddenly, I saw her in my mind. She was sad and beautiful. I wondered what her story was. On Fallen Wings was born.

What About the Other Story?
I learned while writing my first book that sometimes you have to cut the parts that get in the way, even if they're good. That story is good, but it keeps me from the direction I've chosen to travel. It's like a stone in the river. By the way, they hurt when the water smacks you into them. Stories will come, words will form. I can't wait to see what the future has in store for me.


  1. On Fallen Wings...that sounds lovely. How exciting to be sending your book for the final round of edits. I'll bet things will just get better for you from here. Hope you had a Happy Halloween. :)

  2. What an exciting, and nerve-wracking, place to be in right now! Congratulations Jamie.

  3. Thank you, Halloween was awesome. I found a fantastic editor, so I know my story is in good hands.

  4. I can relate. My manuscript is currently under the scrutiny of caring eyes. Best of luck with On Fallen Wings Jamie!


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