Monday, September 26, 2011

Dreaming Again

Find yourself in your creativity.
For many years, I kept my creativity locked inside so that I could work, work, and do the many things that paid the bills and kept money in my wallet. As I grew older, I felt that creative part of me grow smaller and smaller, until it was barely a flicker of thought. I knew it was there; but there’s no glory in art, so why create? That’s the argument I gave myself. I believed it. I lived it. I stopped dreaming.
Then something happened. My life changed. The world I had built through all that working came crashing down. As chaos enveloped my existence, I looked inside to escape my fears; I looked to my dreams, but they were empty.
So, I started writing again. At first, it was an exploration. I wanted to discover a piece of my past and see if it was relevant. As I wrote, my dreams returned. They were vivid, bright, colorful, odd stories that filled my mind with beauty.
I found myself and remembered: I love writing.
So, I kept writing. I wrote one book, then a second. Now I’m finishing my third book. Life has changed again, but it’s not a bad thing. I’ve found harmony between my writing and world that pays the bills. I’ve discovered a new path, a new journey. It’s not easy, but I like it.

I’m thankful that I released my creativity and found my dreams. If you’ve buried yours, let it out and start dreaming again. You’ll be amazed how much your world will brighten.


  1. The scary bit about dreams and imaginings is that, once you've let them out, you can't lock them back up again. Not that we'd want to! But it does lead to frustration when the writing isn't progressing according to plan.

    Very glad that you've found a way to balance competing priorities without conflict. Life without imagination is a prospect I don't want to examine too closely...

  2. I repressed my creativity for a while too. Worst decision I ever made. I'm just getting back in touch with it, and I've realized how important it is to my happiness. :)

  3. Your personal experience with words is very inspirational. And there is a certain magic about you ...:).

  4. It's taken me a long time to realise there's room for more than one me :-)

  5. I agree, J. Creativity and happiness are bound in more ways that we can truly understand. Adina, yes, if the writing is heading in a strange direction, those dreams can be a little troublesome. Sarah, me too. Me too. Welcome to the blog, unikorna. I hope you enjoy the journey with us.

  6. Sometimes my creativity ebbs because of stress or the dayjob, but when it comes back I feel alive again. I'd like to create more writing time for myself. I'm more at ease when I'm writing consistently.

  7. Lovely post :) You definitely have to let that muse run amok sometimes to find the beauty in life.


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