Monday, August 22, 2011

All Things Change

There are moments in life that stand out in memory more than others. One of those moments is upon me. It isn't not a bad thing, but it's been a combination of physical exhaustion and a full range of emotions. I think that's what makes these moments special, rewarding. I can imagine that, in a few years, I'll look back at August 2011 and note that it was something special. It feels that way, at least.

As I've developed my writing patterns over the last few years, I've relied on a few constants to keep the prose flowing. One of those constants was the place where my dreams came to me. In one house, in one room, I wrote three books. I was comfortable there. The walls, the floor, the furniture, even the smell was familiar and continuous. I never imagined that I would create in anyplace other that this room. I found inspiration in the odd design and even the little fairy ring I discovered on the front lawn. We moved from that house this week. I'm not sad, in fact, just the opposite; however, the change has affected my muse.

Another place where I found joy in writer is also changing. Work. Yeah, I was fortunate to work at a place where I could spend most of the year plotting away at my desk. In fact, If I hadn't taken this job three years ago, I wouldn't be writing today. It was the perfect environment to discover the hidden words inside of me, buried deep by the poundings of a former life's enterprise. While the economy suffered, my creativity had a chance to blossom. I'm grateful for that. In two weeks, I will change positions. Again, this is a good thing, but it still feels different. I won't be writing at work anymore.

Today, my oldest son starts middle school. Am I really that old? I look it, I know, but I certainly don't feel old. I remember my first day of middle school as if it happened last year. I remember my classes and my friends. I remember going to gym class for the first time, only to discover they registered me for girl's gym-apparently, Jamie was always a girls name, so the administrators took the initiative and scarred me for life. As if the first day of middle school isn't tragic enough. Maybe they were giving me thick skin early, preparing me for a writer's life. :)

So, here I am. In a new house. Starting a new job. Watching my kids grow. And writing. Change is good, it's healthy. It also allows a moment of reflection now and then. I never intended to do the same thing over and over, and this is a moment that changes the path. All things change. I welcome that. I hope you do to.

Is there a favorite place where you write? Do you have peculiar little habits that help enlighten your muse? I almost aways write at night and need a background light to offset the laptop brightness. When I haven't written in a while, I'll spend an hour or two getting into my main character's head before putting words down. Usually, that involves placing her in a precarious situation and analyzing how she'll react.


  1. I always write at dark, be it early morning or late, but the closer to the middle of the night the better.

    A small desk light provides the only light I need, and occasionally making a path to the patio where I take in the darkness, after topping off my coffee mug.

    Place isn't as important to me as mood. But I understand change. Best off luck and remember to enjoy it.

  2. I move around a lot. I'll work at my desk, at the kitchen table, on the couch -- and once in a while I like to get out of the house entirely. I don't know why I'm like that though. *shrug*

  3. Thanks Shain and Brandy. I've always thought it interesting how the little writing habits we aquire mean so much to the flow of our prose.


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