Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I've been a Bad Blogger

I'm here. I promise. This time of year is my busiest. Getting the kids ready and back to school, amping up for the holiday season at work, writing, and editing like crazy. There's no excuse for leaving silence on this page; however, my mind has not been too far away.

I wrote three books so far this year. Yep. Three. First is a book called In Forgotten Dreams. It's book four in the Stone Portals Series and is the most intense installment yet. I can't wait to share it. Rhiannon learns the secrets to the stone portals and discovers who Darian really is. Second is a book called Jesse Wolfe and the Lost City (or something like that--I keep changing the title.) It's a middle grade novel about a boy in the 1850s. Jesse and his twin brother Jack escape exploding trains and dangerous bandits while searching for their father and the lost city of gold. Third is a book called Dead and Gone. It's the sequel to my zombie book. The apocalypse is here and Ryan Moon is caught in the middle. With no one left to help him, he must survive attacks from the infected and escape the clutches of his girlfriend's dad and the National Guard. I also started a fourth book, but quickly realized I need help with the genre. It's a love story I'm calling Wedding Dresses. I need to read a lot of Nicholas Sparks book before I'm even close to ready to tackling a story like this.

I've also been editing Under Darkened Skies like mad. It's the longest book of the Stone Portals series and super intense. My zombie book, Dead and Beloved, is out testing the waters of agentland. I'm more excited about this book than any of my others. This book was a thrill to write and response from my beta readers has been fantastic.

So there you have it. I've been busy, just not busy on this blog. I'm sorry. I'll do better. In fact, there's some exciting news coming next week that I'll be sure to share here. Until then,

Happy Reading

~ Jamie

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