Monday, October 29, 2012

From Rising Flames is Here!

Everyone, FROM RISING FLAMES has just been uploaded to the internet.

*Jumps up and down and does the happy dance*

Beginning today, Rhiannon's tale continues on e-readers around the world. Every site is different, so please don't freak out if the book is not immediately showing for your device. It'll get there. I promise. I love this story. I mean LOVE it. There's adventure, danger, fighting, faeries, surprises, quests, bloodshed, romance, tension, answers, questions, and a surprising new character who steals the stage. You're gonna love her!

It's been an exhausting weekend, so I'm gonna let you go for now. I have a giveaway planned for later in the week and it involves chocolate! Until then, happy reading.

~ Jamie


  1. Great news that you've got this new installment out! Wishing you the very best with it as well :-)


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