Thursday, September 6, 2012

A New Tale to Tell

On August 14th, I thought up a thrilling new book idea. Since I'm in a holding pattern while waiting for professional edits to come back for FROM RISING FLAMES, I decided jump in and see how much of that idea I could finish. Well, I'm done. Finished. 55,000 words later, my idea is now a novel. Sure, there's editing and such to do; that's just work and I can handle that. I wrote a novel in 3 weeks! Holy moly guacamole, I can't believe I wrote that much so fast! Anyway, I thought I'd share the news. The book is supercool, modern, traditional, zany, paranormal, and secret. I'm going to do a few re-writes, polish this one up, and send it off to agents one day, so I'm not divulging any details yet.

In other news, my evil plan to give free books to the masses is on schedule. Soon, I will have taken over the world! *Inserts meniacle laugh*Takes a deep breath*Calms down* Okay, so I won't be taking over the world with my words. I do have free books, though. If you own an e-reader, any e-reader, ON FALLEN WINGS is available for free everywhere.

Happy Reading.

~ Jamie

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