Thursday, July 26, 2012

Coming Soon...and a note from the Author

There's a lot happening in my writing world right now. I'm editing UNDER DARKENED SKIES, writing book four, preparing FROM RISING FLAMES for publication, dabbling in a new project, and working feverishly to offer ON FALLEN WINGS to the masses (i.e. publish on all formats).

I'm pleased to announce today that in September, ON FALLEN WINGS will be available on EVERY e-reader! Yay! **doin' the happy dance**

This is exactly what I wanted and the timing is perfect, because by October, FROM RISING FLAMES will be released. If you're like me and hate waiting for sequels, this book will be a welcome arrival. I'm working on the blurbs and descriptions and will post them here once they are perfect.

If you haven't read ON FALLEN WINGS, I suggest you don't read the rest of this post. I'm going to talk about the book now.

* * * * * * DANGER SPOILERS and a note from the author* * * * * *

ON FALLEN WINGS was born out of question. "Who is this girl, Rhiannon, and why is she so sad?"

My first novel, SUN SEASON BANDITS, was about a boy who had been mysteriously transported to a village called Aisling. During his adventures, he met the Phillips family and became good friends with their two daughters. Those daughters taught him about the traditions and beliefs of their villages and eventually helped him find a way home. That book was never published; however, it became the base of my series. In essence, that book is FROM RISING FLAMES. Fascinated by Rhiannon, I asked myself the question above and started to answer it with another story. That story became ON FALLEN WINGS.

Tragedies are difficult literature. They are hard to read, they are hard to write. Most people don't want to invest their time in a fantasy that doesn't end with a happily ever after. I understand that. I don't want that. As I plotted ON FALLEN WINGS, I wrestled with that fact, knowing how that book would end. Remember the question above? In my mind, I met Rhiannon Phillips after ON FALLEN WINGS had happened. The story/tragedy had happened-it just needed telling.

If Rhiannon's life hadn't been exposed to tragedy then the rest of the story (the great part) couldn't happen. Rhiannon wouldn't become the heroine I imagined. The tragic events of ON FALLEN WINGS change her forever and breed the environment for the adventures about to take place. If all had been well, she would have no reason to leave the perfect life she enjoyed in Aisling (the perfect husband, her place in the Fae, a perfect circumstance.) Despite the struggles she endures in ON FALLEN WINGS, if all had turned out perfect, life would have returned to where it was at the beginning of the story.

If you were angry about how ON FALLEN WINGS ended and felt an emptiness in your heart, know that I felt the same way. Rhiannon deserved better than that. She had it all and lost it all. I cried as I wrote it and am tearing up as I write about it now. It's that tragic, hopeless feeling that I wanted the reader to feel going into book two, as tough as it would be for most people. I wanted the reader to experience what Rhiannon felt because they would understand how hard it will be to find happiness again. Please know that through the tragedy, heroes will rise and legacies will be born. 

Thank you for investing your time and your hearts into this story. Life will get better for Rhiannon Phillips. You want that and I want that. Let's see how she handles the heat of RISING FLAMES.

~ Jamie

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