Monday, March 12, 2012


First of all, thank you. Thank you for the wonderful week. ON FALLEN WINGS met the world with a fantastic debut. I was shocked to see how high it climbed on the rankings at and even more delighted to discover how many thousands of readers now get to enjoy the book. Yep, I said it right-THOUSANDS! It’s initial success has inspired me to really get the ball rolling on finalizing edits for FROM RISING FLAMES. I’m planning on releasing that book somewhere around early fall of this year. I'll keep you updated.

Thanks to those who answered the trivia question. Leila is Rhiannon’s younger sister. She plays a major part in the story I’m telling with the series. I also want to thank those of you who tweeted and provided blog posts about ON FALLEN WINGS. It’s fun for me to read the reactions to the book of those who post comments on other blogs. It gives me an indication of what to expect once more reviews start showing up online.

I hope everyone took advantage of the promotional giveaway and snagged a copy of ON FALLEN WINGS for free. If you didn’t, and didn’t win the contest, stay tuned. I’m working on some other fantastic giveaways involving cool swag and additional copies. One of the nicest things about self-publishing is that I own the rights to everything. And since the cover art was commissioned by me, I own all the rights to that as well. That means the possibilities are unlimited in regards to the excellent promotional items I can have made. (My wife wants me to have a big blanket made with the cover on it.)

Congratulations to Arla and also to Lynda Young. You each won an autographed copy of ON FALLEN WINGS. I’m sending you each an email requesting the address to send the prizes to.

One final note. Since you now have full access to my novel, I want you to know that this tale is for you, just as Rhiannon tells her sister at the end of one chapter: “My story is yours.”

Happy reading.

~ Jamie

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  1. Congratulations Jamie, this is terrific news. And congrats to your winners, too :-)


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