Monday, December 5, 2011

These Are More Than Simple Words

ON FALLEN WINGS is coming. While containing my excitement until release day (January 12), I’m also starting to feel a bit of apprehension. Well, more than just a bit. Okay, a lot of apprehension. I’m downright nervous.
These are more than simple words I’m offering the world. There’s a part of me on every page. The delicate conversations between every character were carefully crafted to add realism to the narrative. I’ve placed just enough description to let the reader taste the flavor of my imagination, still allowing their mind to create the rest of the savor. ON FALLEN WINGS is an intricate story bearing the portal to a greater tale beyond its pages. Again, it’s more than the words.

I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I want everyone to love this book. Of course I do. Nevertheless, my nerves are more complicated than that. More of my hope is that its readers will appreciate what isn’t written. I want every person, whether they enjoyed my writing or not, to finish ON FALLEN WINGS and feel inspired with fresh, fantastic ideas. The story is greater than its author is, I think, and I hope I do it justice with the words I’ve chosen.

I think every writer feels this way about their books—I hope they do. It’s that passion for storytelling that drives us to work harder. This is why ON FALLEN WINGS has undergone thirteen different drafts up until now. It’s why I hired a professional editor and cover artist. It’s why I study and practice everything I can about writing. It’s why I already have outlines all the way to the end of the series (6 books). It’s why I created this blog.

I only get one chance at this and I want to do it right. Whatever happens, know that when you read ON FALLEN WINGS, you’re getting the best that I can offer you. I hope that my book inspired you enough to make you want to read it again.


  1. How can it not be wonderful after all the love and care you've poured into it?


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