Monday, September 19, 2011


I offer thanks to Cheryl Sonnier for awarding me the Versatile Blogger Award. Her blog is called Off Wi' the Fairies. Like many of you, she’s an aspiring author. Please pay her a visit and say hello. Cheryl, thank you. You are very kind.
To accept this award, I’m required to do a few things.
I must list 7 random facts about myself. (This part is tough, so bear with me.)
I must pass the award on to 15 people.
Cheryl was kind enough to post 10 things about her on her blog, so I’m going to list 10 things about me. If you’re not completely bored after the first 7, I recommend sticking around for the last 3. :)

  1. My writing is heavily influenced by French literature. I moved to France shortly after developing a passion for writing. There, a good friend tutored me in French in return for English lessons while she prepared for the BAC. She introduced me to Baudelaire, Hugo, Dumas, and Voltaire. I was fascinated by the lyrical prose and marvelous use of description by all of these authors. To date, I still haven’t read Les Miserables in English. Why should I?
  2. My children are named after movie characters. No, I won’t tell you their names. If I list the movies, you’ll be able to guess the names rather easily.
  3. I don’t like peanut butter much. Weird, huh?
  4. I’m shy. Many people say that, but really, I am. With a wife, 5 kids, a full time job, and a writing passion, I don’t get out much. It’s a choice, really. I’m scared to meet people, though I enjoy it afterwards. Some of you I met at a writers conference in May—did you know that stepping out of my car to go in was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done? I even get a little queasy interacting online, so please be nice.
  5. When I first discovered writing in High School, I borrowed an old typewriter from my friend’s mom and copied all my poems—with the plan to make a book from them. One day, my emotions got the best of me and I destroyed everything. I only have a few regrets in life—that moment is one of them. Teenage angst is nothing to mess with, people!
  6. I’m scared of horror movies, and horror books freak me out. I used to love that stuff—but not anymore. If you read my 200 word flash fiction for the Write Campaign, you probably don’t believe me. Did you know I still have nightmares from that little creation? I keep thinking there’s a zombie in the closet.
  7. I don’t like being in photos, so I hide from cameras. The picture I use for my profile was taken in Switzerland in 1997. Here’s the original—in color. By the way, I’m not a natural redhead!

  1. ON FALLEN WINGS is the first book in a series I’m working on. The plan is for six books. I’m editing book two, FROM RISING FLAMES and have a rough outline for book three. I’ll fine-tune that outline in December and start writing in January. I have extensive notes already for books four and five, with the finale in book six plotted.
  2. I haven’t decided if the series will have a name or not. If it does, it will be called STONE PORTALS.
  3. This Friday, September 23rd, I’ll make a major announcement about ON FALLEN WINGS on my Facebook author page. Thanks for sticking around for all ten facts.
I'm breaking the rules of the award, so technically, I can't post its image on my blog. I don't feel bad about that. Instead of asking 15 people to share 7 things about themselves, I'm creating a new award. It's called the Fantastic Follower Award.

The rules to accept this award are simple:
Share 1 interesting fact about yourself on your blog.
Thank one of your fantastic blog followers.

That's it. Easy. This award goes to a young writer in Canada. She was one of the first to discover my blog and deserves your attention. Please congratulate Megan Conway! Now, go check out her blog. She's a hard working writer and shows a lot of promise.

Megan, feel free to post this image and share it as you wish. Thank you for being a great blog follower.


  1. I sympathize with the shyness thing. I don't like horror either, and one of my first stories was a horror for the same reason. I really wanted to change the Versatile rules and didn't, so you're braver than you think. I figure I'll have to meet the passing on requirements later and add a couple facts to make it my "about me" page later. I'm here because I'm checking out who followed me to follow them back whether or not in my campaign groups. I'm almost the same stage, querying my first book, finishing the second. So now we've met online, maybe that'll help us both when we really meet. That's my theory, anyway. I pretend to be someone else to make public appearances easier. But no more Queen Borg. That takes too long to put on.

  2. Thanks for coming to visit. I enjoy your blog and am glad I found it. From the looks of things, you're pretty busy, so congratulations on your writing progress. It's great to meet you.

  3. Of course you can post the award on your blog, it doesn't matter if you didn't pass it on to 15 others, not everyone can/does, but the award is still yours :)

    You sound a lot like my husband - he would much rather stay at home with me than go out and meet people. I have to entice him to go somewhere and once he's there, he's fine, but he's very shy at meeting new people. He also hates having his photograph taken. I drive him crazy trying to get him to let me take pictures.


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