Monday, August 15, 2011


I owe a couple people a belated thank you. Earlier this year, I received two blogger awards from the fabulous James Duckett and L.A. Sherman. To accept these awards, I was required to answer a few questions about myself. There are a couple of reasons I didn't rush to my computer and post my responses right away.
  • The first: I'm shy. Despite being full of stories, I don't like to talk much, especially about myself.
  • The second: I'm not that interesting. To me, the joy of writing is the art of creating fantastic stories that draw people in. Stories about me won't do that.

 Still, I want to show my appreciation to the kind folks mentioned above. Please go visit their blogs and pay them some love right now. When you come back, here are five secrets about me:
  1. I'm a meticulous planner. For example, I'm working out the details of next year's summer vacation now. Though I enjoy the spontaneity of the moment, I like having my bases covered beforehand. Whatever I do, I have a plan, a backup plan, and a just in case plan. I'm weird that way. In regards to my writing, the series is planned and roughly outlined, despite the fact that only two books are written. 
  2. I'm horrible with names. No, really. Most people will tell you that, but I'm the worst. I have to keep a log of character names in my books because I forget them too easily. If you ever meet me and I forget your name, please don't take it personal. I forget my kids names all the time.
  3. I have white hair. It's weird. I'm not very old (37), but my hair makes me look like I'm 50 or something. It started going white in my 20's, but really changed color in the last few years. My white hair is hereditary, but I think the stress of my former life accelerated the effect. No dye for me, though, I'm living with the look.
  4. I have Celiac Disease. If you don't know what that is, here's a link for more information. Imagine that every time you eat something with wheat in it, you wake up the next morning and throw up. That's my life. And I love pizza. Over the years, I've learned to deal with the symptoms, and can sometimes get away with cheating on my diet. Sometimes.
  5. I may self publish my books. While I've been pursuing traditional publishing methods, I've also been working behind the scenes, preparing to self publish. If I go that route, the soonest you'll see On Fallen Wings is January. Like I said, I'm a planner, so I'll make sure I do this right.
So, there's a few secrets. I hope you enjoyed them. If you want to know more, I've dedicated my Facebook Author Page to my writing secrets. For example, the title of book two is there. If you get a chance, I'd love to have a few more followers. Of course, comments are always welcome!

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